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Mr. Rajan Simkhada Tourism Entrepreneur

    Mr. Rajan Simkhada

    A young tourism entrepreneur, Rajan is the president of the company. A passionate professional, he started his life in tourism two decades back and continuously and ceaselessly thrived to become a successful travel planner with his broad and far sighted vision to develop the tourism in Nepal. His first venture, Earthbound Expeditions, is an immensely successful and award winning trekking company having a very high reputation in different travel media and sites. Business studies graduate from the university, he really means the business.
    Born in the mountain region of Dhading, Rajan was a bright student in school. His strong wish to get better opportunities brought him to Kathmandu for his further education at the age of 14. Since then he has been living in Kathmandu. When he was in his village he would see many foreign tourists going for the trekking via his village and he would wonder if he could be one of those guides working with foreign people. Since then he had got an impression of tourism and as he grew up and studied in Kathmandu, he began to understand the business and was enlightened in the perspective that there is much more than becoming simply a guide. He started building up an ambition in him.
    As an ambitious man, Rajan started his professional career working in a hotel as front desk assistant. But his interest, vision and ambition led him to take trekking guide training and work as a trekking guide. He led many trips to different parts of Himalayas and after two years of working as a guide he started his own trekking company, Earthbound Expeditions. As a hard working man, he dedicated his time to bring his company to a high level service provider and eventually became successful in doing so. But this success didn’t come to him in a flash of magic wand. He went through a lot of hardships in the initial days. There were lots of challenges to overcome, obstacles to be crossed but with his strong will power he managed to go over all those difficulties and now in todays date his company, Earthbound Expeditions, has a very highly reputable name in tourism industry. His company serves around 2500 people a year to travel to Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet in the most outstanding way possible. His dream, vision and hardworking nature established him in the market as a successful travel entrepreneur.
    He thought he had a lot of great potential to far beyond what he had achieved so he started some new ventures in the forms of hotels, restaurants and yoga retreats. In today’s date he is not only a successful tour organizer but also a hugely successful businessman with a vision, enthusiasm, and courage.
    A man of great sense of humor, Rajan is also a well – known comedian for Nepali Television viewers. Despite being busy with his work, he has a high regard for the social service so he gives away certain percent of his profit to some charity and philanthropy works. He has extensively helped in building schools in the remote areas of Nepal; has helped visually impaired, orphans and helpless children.
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    We are partner with two 3 star level hotels, Thamel Eco Resort in Kathmandu  – www.thamelecoresort.com and Pokhara Eco Resort in Pokhara .
     www.pokharaecoresort.com. We also promote Himalayan Yoga Resort www.yogainnepal.com, River Fun beach Resort at the bank of River Trishuli www.riverfunbeachresort.com  and Nepal Yoga Retreat Centre near Bhaktapur www.yogaretreatnepal.com.
     We always try to promote and protect local skills and create job opportunities here in Nepal.  We directly employ 175 people and indirectly we probably support about 900 people assuming that one member of Nepali will be taking care of at least 5 members in the same family.
     We are also involved in Philanthropy activities in Nepal. We have been building schools and libraries in remote areas of Nepal, supporting orphans and visually impaired kids.  – Please go to the link